The middle of the year is a great time to reflect on what’s been, what’s coming, and how you’re tracking. I don’t know if it’s because of the new financial year or it’s simply because we’re at the halfway point but there’s something in the air!

What better time to do a quick stocktake, thanks to Pip from Meet Me At Mike’s (incidentally I met her recently and she is a gorgeous person!) You can also find my January stocktake here.

This is a shorter version of Pip’s – I left out a couple that had me stumped (rather than being repetitive or lame…hopefully!)

Making: soup! Best thing about winter, I reckon.
Cooking: a delicious breakfast – spinach and tomatoes in a little bit of butter, scrambled through eggs. Yum!
Drinking: too much coffee…
Reading: P is for Peril, from the Sue Grafton ‘alphabet’ mysteries. This is a crime procedural (think Law & Order style, in book form) that follows private investigator Kinsey Millhone as she tries to track down Dr Purcell, who has been missing without a trace for weeks. I love this series, each book is a really easy read while still being entertaining (and I almost never guess the ending!)
Wanting: Someone to enter all my receipts for me.
Looking: at the rain outside. We’ve been very lucky to have a sunny winter so far in Melbourne, I guess it couldn’t last. [EDIT: It’s sunny again. Good ol’ Melbourne ;)]

Playing: with the idea of a blog rebrand. Thoughts?
Deciding: on a new tagline for said possible redesign.
Wishing: for the days when I had nothing to declare and my tax return was easy.
Enjoying: Netflix! We’ve nearly finished Daredevil (the TV show) — what should I watch next?
Waiting: for Problogger, I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to go for years and this year I decided to treat myself.
Liking: setting my own schedule (although I’m still getting the hang of keeping all the balls in the air).
Wondering: about lots of things, pretty much all the time.
Loving: scarves!
Buying: Not much 🙂
Watching: Veronica Mars. I’ve never seen it before and my friend urged me to watch it. It’s pretty cheesy but it’s enjoyable and I love Veronica, she’s so quick and spunky!
Hoping: our government will hurry up and legalise same-sex marriage. Like many have said lately, why is it even still a question? I also loved this post from the Sharpest Pencil about the Facebook rainbow.
Marvelling: at how much people treat each other like shit and feel ok about it. I shouldn’t be, but I’m still surprised by it 🙁
Cringing: see above.
Needing: all of the warm things! Tea! Blankets! Scarves! Hot water bottles! (Yes, plural)
Wearing: jeans, always jeans. And many, many layers.
Following: all the new friends I made at the Kidspot Voices of 2015 Masterclass! (Including Em Hawker who is a champ at live-tweeting these kinds of things).
Noticing: that June disappeared. How did that happen!?
Sorting: out my health insurance like a grown up, yessss!
Getting: lots of lovely, thoughtful gifts for my birthday 
Bookmarking: articles about productivity and tools and resources, and thoughtful pieces.
Disliking: my kitchen. It somehow always messes itself up only moments after I clean it. Rude.
Giggling: at this

Ermahgerd. Kerrets. agile.. ecrire

Feeling: motivated, excited, inspired.
Snacking: yes, yes I am.
Hearing: the Periscope app whistling at me. Are you on there?  I haven’t decided how I feel about it yet.

What’s the best thing that happened to you so far this year? Let me know in the comments!