I’ve been wanting to do a taking stock post (a la Meet Me at Mike’s) for awhile now, and what better time than the beginning of a new year! It’s a fun exercise that doesn’t have to take long, and gives you a snapshot of where you are right now.  (For me, that’s Townsville and the Gold Coast, on holidays, and making plans for the near future — exciting!)

This one was done over a couple of days, so some of the answers might seem a tad contradictory. Enjoy 🙂

Making: plans for 2015. Once I’m home from holidays (tomorrow night) I’m going to sit down and make them really clear and concrete. Once I’ve done that, you’ll hear all about it 🙂
Cooking: nothing – we’re in north Queensland and it’s too hot to cook!
Drinking: lots of water, some crisp ciders, and vodka iced tea, yum!
Reading: The Steve Jobs biography^. So fascinating. This one will go on my re-read list for sure, there are lots of little lessons throughout.
Wanting: for very little, which is a blessed position to be in.
Looking: forward to turning some ideas into reality. While I’m definitely relaxing and making the most of our holiday, there are also a few things ticking over in the ol’ brain. It’s time to make them happen — or at least give it my very best shot!
Playing: The Game of Things^ Fun!
Deciding: where to start…
Wishing: I knew the next step, sometimes. I know where I am, I know where to end up, I’m just not so good at filling in the gaps. And that I lived closer to my nieces, they’re just all kinds of adorable!
Enjoying: holidays 🙂
Waiting: for the thunderstorm to hit! It’s been hanging around and I can hear some distant rumblings. Storms up here remind me of the thunderstorms we got when I was a kid – gives me chills.
Liking: Funemployment 😉
Wondering: if I overuse emoticons… Who am I kidding, I know I do.
Loving: Being on holiday! Soon enough it’ll be time to knuckle down and get some stuff planned and done, but for now it’s lovely to just relax and do exactly as we please.
Pondering: This article I read today about e-books vs physical books (an eternal battle!) I prefer real books but I love the space-saving Kindle offers.
Considering: where to go for dinner tonight. Perhaps we’ll try Brazilian barbecue?
Watching: Dr Phil…but I’m on holidays so it’s ok to indulge! There’s not much good on TV these days, boo.
Hoping: the next month or so works out how I want.
Marvelling: at how some people are so willing to trust strangers. We’re currently staying at a place we found on Airbnb, and I love that our host was kind enough to have us and trust that we’d look after his place, even though we’ve never met.
Needing: nothing really! Maybe a new hairstyle, but that’s probably more of a curious-want, not a need.
Smelling: Vanilla. Yum!
Wearing: Shorts and a singlet. It’s pretty much been my uniform up here.
Following: Some new Facebook pages about writing or smart and creative businesspeople. Hit me up if you have any recommendations!
Noticing: how much stuff just shows up at the right moment (so make sure you’re paying attention!)
Knowing: that things will work out as they should (just fine!)
Thinking: life is good 😀
Feeling: content!
Admiring: people who can be extremely disciplined with their food choices.
Sorting: out my suitcase a flobbity-jillion times to maximise space. Urgh!
Buying: now that Christmas is over, very little — and I’ll try to keep it that way! (Although while we’re on holidays, for a couple more days, we’ll be buying some meals).
Getting: ready to go out for dinner (or at least I’m supposed to be).
Bookmarking: anything that will be helpful for my blog — interesting articles for later, writing tips, social media and digital marketing info, that kind of thing.
Disliking: Trying to squeeze everything back into my suitcase.
Opening: doors and windows to let the breeze through! Bit different from the hot northerlies we get through Melbourne in summer.
Giggling: at Chris, he’s so funny 🙂 No one makes me laugh as much as he does.
Snacking: on cheddar flavoured Sakata. I’m sure that flavouring isn’t so great for me but it has to better than barbecue Shapes, right?
Coveting: Hmmm… awesome exercise clothes, if anything.
Helping: around the house when I can, trying to be a good guest 🙂
Hearing: The How I Met Your Mother theme. And a few cars on a wet road. And cicadas.

What have you guys been up to lately? Let me know in the comments! And if you have a blog, why not give this stocktake a go and share a link below 🙂

^ affiliate links. Image via Pixabay.